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I believe that photographing your senior's last year of high school is as important as documenting those beginning years, when everything was a first. There are so many amazing things happening in that senior year of high school. So many growing up moments. Sports awards, scholarships earned, college acceptance letters received. I want to capture  all those for you. I want to give you photographs as a way to keep all of those memories. To hold them close. Your baby is going out into the world. You get to see the product of all of those years of love and care. I will capture your senior, exactly as they are right now. Exactly who they are, not just how they look. I'll tell their story. Cherish this last year of high school, day by day. Remember it forever.

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I'm a Southern girl living in Southern California. San Diego has been my home since I graduated high school, but I'm still a Tennessee girl at heart. I remember the first high school senior I photographed. When I left that photo session I knew that I wanted to spend my time with seniors. I absolutely love how real and fun they are. Seniors are so full of hope and life. They are ready to jump out there into the world with both feet.  They are smart, funny and contagious. They have huge dreams. Their lives are about to begin. Their optimism rubs off on you. I never leave a shoot without a smile on my face. 

I photograph seniors in real, meaningful settings, capturing who they are, telling their story. A one of a kind experience. One that they will remember always.

I have two teens of my own. They make me laugh and drive me crazy all in the same breath. But gosh I love having teens. They keep me on my toes. Besides my kids, I share my life with my San Diego native husband and Floyd, our famous-around-the-neighborhood, Boston terrier.  We have a  crazy, loud, chaotic home and I wouldn't change a thing.

My photography has been featured On the SEEN, on the We Are the SEEN website.