P.S. My photo up there, was part of my Project Beauty campaign. Photographing teen girls with no make up and no retouching, to show that beauty doesn't come from your make up drawer.

Hi! I'm Shawna.

Telling your story with photos is really what makes me happy, from the inside out. I know photographers go on about "photography is my life's mission", blah, blah... But for me, being able to give my clients a different view of themselves has quite literally given me a new outlook. Living with bipolar disorder can sometimes be overwhelming. For me, getting behind my camera and making someone else feel special can take my day from, "it could be better", to "today is an awesome day". Photography is something that I can give to you, that also gives to me. You leave the photo session feeling like a rock star and I have a smile on my face that may not have been there before. Enough mush. What you really want to know is...

I'm a southern girl living in Southern California. I still say y'all and refer to my mother as Mama. I have a Diet Coke addiction that is second only to my love of Oreo Thins. Shopping is a hobby. Dressing stylishly a must. I am girly girl through and through. I'm all about shoes and bags and jewelry. My favorite color is sparkly.

I have a couple of teenagers of my own. We share our home with Floyd, a Boston terrier, and a Pug named Lola.


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