Photo Session Tips for Girls

  • You want to look like "you" in your senior portraits. Now is not the time to try new looks. Have your hair cut and/or color done at least 2 weeks before your session, so that you look your best.
    • Do try different looks that you would normally wear. Put your hair up or down.  Straight or curled. Add a headband. Have fun with it.
    • While straight hair looks great in person, super straight hair makes your face look round in photos. When styling your hair straight, leave a little volume at the roots.
  • Have eyebrows waxed about a week before your session so that there is no residual redness, flaky skin or rashy bumps.
  • In Southern CA we often have chapped or flaky lips. Use a homemade lip scrub to exfoliate your lips so that the flakies fall off and your lipstick stays on. Click below for the recipe.
  • Have clean or freshly manicured fingers and toes in neutral colors. Chipped nail polish is distracting. Bright or trendy nail colors will make your photos seem dated very quickly. Neutrals are sophisticated and timeless.
  • Take the hairband off your wrist. You don't want it in your photos and you don't want to have a ring around your wrist where you were wearing it.
  • Makeup is an important part of your senior photo experience. Even if you don't wear make up or you "don't wear much", you need the appropriate amount applied to look your best in your photos. All of my photo sessions include professionally applied make up. Makeup evens skin tones, covers blemishes and looks entirely natural.  Tami Mayhew of Classy Gal Glo is the make up artist for my studio. She comes to our location and applies just the right amount of make up to make you look your best.
Create a beautiful inside and you will look beautiful on the outside.
— Charles Glassman