The Art of the Tuck

The Art of the Tuck

The art of tucking your shirt is no longer shoving the hem of your shirt into your pants, cinching up your belt and heading on your merry way. With boyfriend fit shirts that are a bit over sized and button downs that need some pizzaz, tucking your shirt can dress you up or down. Because, honestly, who wants to wear a shapeless shirt and look boxy and wider than your really are. Or if you are short, with a long oversized shirt, even shorter.

The Full Tuck

Here we have the full tuck. With your low rise jeans, the full tuck gives definition to your waist and makes your legs look longer. On the right the full tuck is used to contain the volume of the button down, rather than letting it balloon over the flowy skirt, which would make you appear wider than you are. And who wants that?!

The Front Tuck

This is the front tuck. One of my faves. Tuck in just the front of your button down, t-shirt, sweater...any top. Rather than leaving it completely untucked, it gives definition at your waist, while keeping the style  more casual than the full tuck. Use your belt loops as a guide to the front tuck. Tuck the part of your shirt that is between your two front belt loops, exposing your belt buckle. Let the rest of the shirt flow and hang down in back.

The Side Tuck

And finally, the side tuck. Works great for longer t-shirts and fuller tops. As with the other tucks, you are adding definition at the waist. This makes your legs longer and controls some of the volume of your top. So just tuck in a hand's width of your top between your zipper and your pocket. 

With your button down, you'll want to leave the bottom button undone. Tuck in only half of the front of your shirt, from the buttons to the middle of your front pocket. Leave the rest of the shirt untucked. I admit that I love the dressed down street style. A lot.

**All photos from Pinterest.