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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, finally! Warmer temperatures and sunshine are on its way!  It is time to take a look at your makeup expiration dates and do a little spring cleaning!  Who doesn't feel better when things are organized, fresh, and new?  Who doesn't like new makeup too! I am sure you have a few things that probably need to be tossed or replaced. We always hear about your mascara, but what about all the other products.  Here are a few hints.


Foundation and Powders

Six months for liquid foundations and 2 years for powders. If you are continually dipping your finger or a brush into the product you are adding bacteria to liquids. Powders are less likely to have bacteria growth because water is not involved.


Three months tops.  It stops performing optimally after that anyway.  It doesn't go on smoothly and the thickening of the fibers start to separate as well. Also, don't pump your mascara, slowly remove the wand scrapping the interior of the tube to add product. If you have any type of eye infection or a sty replace immediately.


Eyeliner and Eye Shadow

Liquid eyeliner three months, cream eye shadows six months, pencil eyeliners and powder shadows 2 years. Liquid eyeliners have water, so they can create bacteria growth quick. Pencil eyeliners tend to have a clean surface due to sharpening, so less likely to have bacteria growth. Make sure you sanitize your sharpener regularly with alcohol.

Lipstick and Lip Liner

Lipstick, liners, and gloss are 2 years. Liners could last even longer because they are sharpened to a clean surface. But lipsticks can start to crumble and not go on smoothly once they age.

When to Toss Everything Else

Every six months: Toss your skin-care regimen and sunscreens
Every year: Toss your hair products (except hairspray)
Every two years: nail polishes


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