Three Things to Consider When Spring Cleaning Your Closet

With Spring comes lighter, happier colors. It is also a time when lots of us take the time to do a little cleaning. I'm not sure why it feels so good to purge and "start fresh" this time of year, but it does. The rain is gone, the sun is here. Bring on the white pants and dainty sandals. 

Clean out your closet

Often people tell me that it's hard to clean out their clothes closet. "I didn't wear that sweater this year, but what if I want to wear that next winter?"  "I really love that pair of shoes. I'm not sure why I never wear them."  "Those jeans are a little big since I lost a few pounds. I'll hang on to them in case I gain the weight back." Sound familiar? Here are some tips for cleaning out your closet this spring.

Have I worn this in the last year?

When cleaning out your closet, take each item into consideration. It's true that some things hang around in your closet waiting for the appropriate season or occasion. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself, "Have I worn this in the last year?" If the answer is no, then it goes. Chances are that if you haven't worn it in the last year, you aren't going to wear it. You have fallen out of love with it. You never really "loved" it. Or it's out of style/doesn't fit. Put it in the go away pile. This is true for shoes and accessories as well.

Have lost weight, but you are hanging onto your bigger sizes? Don't! Get rid of them. Knowing that you would have to buy new clothes if you put the pounds back on is a great motivator to keep them off.

Not sure you are ready to let go? I have a small area for my "go away pile". I move things to this basket for a few weeks. If I haven't gone back to the basket to look for it, out it goes.


As you are going through your closet, prioritize your go away piles.

  • If its ratty, holey, discolored or undergarments, just toss them or repurpose them as dust cloths.
  • If it's in good condition and you think someone else would love it, put in the donate pile. Places like Goodwill or AmVets will pick it up from your house. I like to donate to The Monarch School for San Diego's homeless kids. I drop off my donations when I am there volunteering on Wednesdays. I have friends often drop off their donations for me to take too.
  • If it's a "better" brand or still currently in style, consider selling it at a resale store. Make a little cash from your cast offs. Be aware that these stores can be unbelievable picky. Even if you think it's a sure thing, you may be surprised.


As you are putting your things back into your closet, take a minute to organize.

  • Invest in a shoe rack for your floor.
  • Get slim hangers that are space saving. 
  • Organize by season. Put clothes for the current season closest to the front, within easy reach. Separate items by type. Shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, etc.
  • Hang things neatly so that items don't get lost in among the others.

Hostess a Rack Party

This is something I started doing a few years ago. In the spring, when I'm ready to clean my closet, I invite my friends to do the same thing. I pick a date and we have a Rack Party. Everyone brings their best picks from the go away pile. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, handbags... I have a clothes rack set up in my living room. Everyone hangs their clothes and displays their accessories. At the designated time, the "shopping" begins! Everyone leaves with "new to you" fashion for free. Of course there is wine and appetizers and maybe a fun round of LCR to wrap up the night. When the shopping is done, any items left are donated to charity.

**All photos from Pinterest