How to Make Your Prom Heels Last All Night

5 Products for Comfy-er Prom Heels

Prom season is almost here. Final dress fittings. Make up, hair and nail appointments confirmed. Accessories purchased. Prom photo photographer hired. Having the perfect pair of prom shoes is a must. Keeping them on past the first dance is the challenge. You spent quite a bit of cash on those beauties, here's how you can get your money's worth on prom night

  • Petal Pads

 These are awesome for sticking inside your shoe to cushion any trouble spots. Although, sometimes you might not know you have a trouble spot until your tender tootsies are starting to blister. Toss a couple of extras in your clutch along with your phone & lipstick in case any new spots show up.

  • Heel Grip Liners

Heel Grip Liners give you cushion and stop your heels from rubbing the back of your heels. They slip right into your shoe and stick! Unlike those little silicone grippies that tend to fall off before you even get out the door, these heel liners will actually stay in place.

  • Fab Feet Blistick

I actually keep this in my purse at all times. It is an anti-friction stick to give you a barrier between your cute little piggies and your amazingly fabulous prom heels. You just rub it on problem areas on your feet and slide them back into your shoes. The stick is small enough to carry with you in your clutch for the evening, so that you can reapply as needed, 

  • Forefoot Pads

I've never really given it much thought, but wearing heels puts your weight forward onto the balls of your feet. In a thin soled pair of heels, this gets to be uncomfortable in hurry! These gel pads are just what the doctor ordered. Cushion at the forefront of your foot, right where you need it most.

  • PreHeels Foot Spray

You may love your prom heels, but they might not return the favor! Spray away shoe agony and aches from heels with PreHeels spray. It creates a clear barrier between your foot & your shoe. This little bottle is perfect to pop-in-your-purse for relief on-the-go. Spray before you head out and re-apply as needed so you can dance the night away.


At some point all the shoe remedies in the world don't matter. So while you "Party Like It's 1999", do what we did back then and stash those shoes under your chair, "shut up, and dance with me!"