Beauty Tips with Tami - Prom Prep

It's Prom Season! One of my favorite times of the year to do makeup. Let's make sure your skin is looks its best for the special night. Your skin needs to be prepped for makeup, otherwise makeup doesn't apply very well. The more you take care of your skin, you can get away with wearing less makeup. Applying makeup to skin that needs some love can cause makeup to be blotchy and rough. The dry skin can show through foundation looking cakey and the oily skin can appear oilier and makeup can slick right off. Skin needs to be smooth and hydrated for the best application.

Five Tips to Prep Your Skin for Prom Make up

  • Cleanse with a non-astringent soap for the face. You don't want to strip your skin of its natural moisture, and you want to keep the skin hydrated.  This goes for acne prone skin as well.
  • Use a gentle scrub brush if you wear makeup daily using a Clarisonic or any other brand.  This helps remove impurities and makeup from the skin, prepping it for skin products.  Don't over use though, as they can dry the skin, and keep away from the delicate eye area.
  • Start using an acne or blemish fighter if you are prone to breakouts, morning and night (night time is critical).  Sensitive skin just night or a lower dose of product.
  • Moisturize morning and night with a product that is designed for your skin type.
  • Don't forget your lips. I see dry lips all the time, and although I apply Chapstick or a lip cream as soon as I can, start using a Chapstick or Vaseline with you to apply regularly.  Dry lips look terrible with lipstick on and flaky lips are even worse. Below is a quick and easy lip scrub recipe to get rid of chap lips.  Make sure you apply moisturizer immediately afterwards.

Before Your Make Up Appointment

  • Cleanse the skin including eye area
  • Apply your daytime moisturizer and eye cream (if you are wearing strip lashes try not to moisturize the eye lid to much)
  • Apply chapstick or Vaseline to your lips. I'll do the rest at your make up appointment.

Just give send me a quick message to book your makeup session. Stay tuned for next month’s Beauty Tips with Tami!
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