What to Wear Wednesday Gingham

My obsession with gingham began a little over a year ago when I found the cutest gingham sling-back, pointed-toe flats at Nordstrom Rack.  Our love was meant to be, since they were only 24 bucks. Sadly, I couldn't find anything  gingham to match them. In looking around, I wasn't seeing anything else in my new favorite pattern. I searched a few resale apps and found a JCrew button down and a gingham dress. Score!

Check It Out

See what I did there? "Check" it out? I"m a laugh riot. Gingham is not just for Kansas anymore. This spring and summer gingham is everywhere. I'm going to show you how to incorporate it into your wardrobe without needing to channel your inner Dorothy.


From there, the obsession grew to this red gingham dress, an off the shoulder gingham top...you get the idea. I am flush with gingham. Take a look at some of the ways you can incorporate some gingham sass into your day. I promise it will make you want to click your heels together and skip. Unless your checkered friend of the day is a pair of heels, then I recommend you skip the skipping.

Don't be afraid to mix your patterns when wearing gingham. It's all about the size of the print. A simple floral with plenty of white space looks great, as does a stripe in the same color family as your check.

Gingham looks great with a solid jacket or sweater. Make a bigger statement with gingham on gingham. Whether its a belted dress, skirt & matching top, or a maxi length romper. Keep it simple with a button-down and colored denim or pants, like the two below. The olive look for fall and winter. The spring and summer version in white.

Finish off the look with some gingham for your feet. Or, update our outfit with JUST gingham for your feet. But why limit yourself. So many checks. So few days in the week. 

Photos for this article are from Pinterest.

wishing you smiles & sparkles~*

Shawna Parks