Announcing Your Graduation

Part of the senior portrait experience with Shawna Parks Photography is creating your custom graduation announcement. Graduation announcements are as big a part of senior year as letterman jackets and Prom. But who do you send them to and when?

Who Do I Send an Announcement?

If you are simply announcing that you are graduating, you send an announcement to out of town family and close family friends. In this case, you would put your high school and graduation date on the announcement. It is not necessary to put the location of the ceremony. 

Grandparents like to get announcements too. Even if they live in your town. After all, these are keepsakes as well. Grandma will be happy to post your announcement on her fridge until the day you replace it with a wedding invitation. :)

Here in San Diego, grads are limited in the number of people they invite to the actual graduation ceremony. This is another reason for leaving off the venue and time of the ceremony. If you put that information on your card, it insinuates that you are inviting people to the ceremony. Aunt Sally from Phoenix will be disappointed she drove all this way to find out she can't see you receive your diploma.

One other thing to include on your announcement, your college of choice. People like to know what you plan to do after high school. They also want to celebrate that college acceptance with you.


What if I'm Having a Party?

Some grads like to use their announcement as a party invitation as well as an announcement. In this case, you would include your party info on the announcement and send it to your guest list. Or, you can send out both. An announcement for the out of town folks. Then a separate announcement for the the local party goers.

When Do I Send My Announcement?

  • I'm simply announcing my graduation- In this case you can send out your announcement about a month before and right up until your graduation date.

  • I'm having a party - If your announcement is doing double duty as a party invite, then you should send out your announcement/invite approximately 3 weeks before your party date.

  • I never want senior year to end, so the deadline for senior photos and announcements completely took me by surprise! - Don't you worry. According to Miss Manners, you have up until 6 weeks after your graduation date to send out your announcements.

One last thing...

When you send out a graduation announcement, it is generally understood that the person receiving the announcement is going to send you a graduation gift of some sort. You, in return, need to say "Thank you". Know your audience. Your favorite uncle will probably be happy with a thank you text. Grandparents and family friends like to get a real live, hand-written thank you note. In the mail. WHAT?! Yep. That's right. Sending out a hand-written thank you note lets them know you that you appreciate their thoughtfulness enough to take the time to write them something personal. 

Congrats, grads! 

Shawna Parks