5 Tips for Camera Ready Nails

One of the many things that I talk about with my clients at their consultation, is what to do with their nails. Pretty nails, especially toes, can be overlooked when you're getting ready for your photos. Some people think that you won't really see their nails in the pictures. They're not a big deal. But they are. Here are some tips that will have your nails camera ready, in a flash (see what I did there? Camera? Flash?)


# 3 Wear Neutral Colors

I know. I love turquoise polish too. Your choice of nail color will date your photos. Quickly. In 5 years, you don't want to look at your senior pics hanging in your Mom's living room and think, "Oh my gosh! That nail polish!" Choose neutral colors. They are timeless and classic. 

#1 Clean or Freshly Painted Nails

Not a polish girl (or guy)? Then don't feel the need to wear it for your teen or senior photos. Be yourself. Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed nicely.

#2 No Chipped Nails

Chipped nails are distracting. Especially in your photos. I keep polish remover and cotton flats in my camera bag. If your polish is chipped, I will ask clients to remove it. 

#4 Nail Shape

Nail shape is a personal preference. Some shapes, like the coffin shape are trendy and can date your photos, though it's not a biggie.  I like mine very square. Choose the shape you like. 


#5 Toes

Remember to take care of your toes, too. Especially if you are wearing sandals or are barefoot. You will see your toe polish in your photos. They same rules apply. Clean and trimmed or freshly polished. Use a neutral color. Your piggies and your photographer will thank you!

nail tips 8.jpg
Shawna Parks