Project Beauty

What is Project Beauty?

More than photos. It's a movement. A movement to free young women of the idea of perfection that is portrayed in social media and advertising. It is empowering them to feel confident in themselves and embrace the imperfections that make each of them uniquely beautiful.

I want to reach teens struggling with depression, like I did in high school. Like I still do as an adult. I want to reach girls who face body shaming, who don't feel their bodies are beautiful because they aren't the "right" size. Girls suffering from eating disorders. To reach those who harm themselves to feel better, to release the pain they are feeling. I want to stand against bullying on social media, which leads to so many teens taking their own lives. I want to stand up for all teens. Girls and boys. 

I have invited my model teams, both my seniors and my teens to join me in Project Beauty. To let me photograph them in black and white with no make up and no Photoshop. To post those photos on social media, along with a quote from each, about what true beauty means to them.

But I don't want to stop there. I want to open this up to all teens. If you are tired of feeling "less than" because the images you see in social media don't look like you or make you feel bad about yourself, I want you to join me.

How Can I Help?

Photos and words without action, quickly fall off the radar and out of the social media feeds. I am asking for a $40 donation to benefit To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA). They are an amazing group that gives help, hope and resources to those struggling with mental health issues, eating disorders and addiction, all of which have affected members of my family and I'm sure, many of yours. 


What's in it for me?

For your donation to TWLOHA you will receive:

  • 6-8 photos to share on social media
  • (1) free 8x10 of your favorite photo.
  • Show your real beauty and make a difference
Shawna Parks