Back to School Morning Beauty Routine

Whether you are headed off for your final year of middle school or it's the beginning of your senior year, having a quick and easy school-day-morning beauty ritual is a must. Especially as the newness of the new school year wears off (around Friday of the first week) and you just want to get out the door looking presentable.


No matter how old you are, moisturizing is imperative! Here in San Diego, we spend so much time in the sun and salt water, that our skin really get dehydrated. Use one that works for your skin type to avoid breakouts. 


Keep your lips soft with a bit of lip gloss. It will add a little shine and keep away dry, cracked lips that come with the fall & winter Santa Anas. A tinted lip gloss will give you some subtle color too.

Eyes & Eyebrows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then your eyebrows are the window dressing. Keep them groomed with a dry spoolie by brushing them into shape. Pluck any strays. Have a couple of seconds to spare? Use a bit of eyebrow gel to keep them in place all day. A quick coat of mascara to both top & bottom lashes will keep your eyes looking bright and awake.


I'm all for the Brows, Lips, Lashes routine, but if you decide to wear makeup to school, keep it light. Heavy handed make up makes you look older and settles into the fine lines of your face. The school day is long. 

Shawna Parks