Where Did the Teen Years Go?

The Missing Years

Remember when your kids were little? We took them to The Picture People every few months for photos. After their first birthday, we made sure to have their photo taken for each birthday. Now and again we would get a "good" picture for the family Christmas card. It seems that we had portraits done of our kids regularly...right up until they started school. Then what happened? They get their school photo and we call it a day. 

But as you can see, the school photo hasn't changed much in the last 25+ years. On the right there's me, my junior year. On the left, my son Miller, his sophomore year. I would show you a picture of my daughter, but I have just realized that she hasn't even given me the envelope to purchase school pictures since she started high school two years ago. Such is life with teens, right?

What can you tell about us in the these pictures? I had  kick-ass 80's hair and Miller's eyebrows and teeth are on point. You can't tell that I was a book worm with a penchant for romance novels and liked to cook. You don't know that Miller was into scootering and paintball.


Wouldn't it be great to document the milestones in your teens life? The growing years. The transition from middle school to high school. From freckles to make up. From braces to a new beautiful smile. All while telling your teens story with images that show you who they are, not just what they look like. And that they like Caramel Frapps like Caitlyn does. :) There are 3 milestones that I think should be documented in the in between  years. Hitting the double digits, becoming an actual teenager and your Sweet Sixteen.

The Ten-ager

Double digits! Your baby is suddenly 10. What?!


A teenager. Thirteen and counting. Braces. Middle school. Suddenly coming of age. Was it only 3 years ago that she was a cute little 4th grader?

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen is a magical year. In the middle between adulthood and childhood. They get their license and some freedom. Possibly their first job. Braces are long gone and sophomore year has been a blur.

I'm a big believer in capturing all of the memories that you can. Document their lives in photos. Photos that hang as prized possessions in your home. Not squirreled away in the box in the garage marked "Miller-School Stuff", like those school photos. Printed for you to look at and treasure, not archived in the Cloud.

Next week, I'm sending out a model call. I'll be looking for some fabulous teens who would like to be the teen faces of Shawna Parks Photography. The Teen Squad will be made up of guys and girls ages 13-16. They will get to participate in fun photo sessions throughout the next year, a modeling mini-session, and a Teenage or Sweet Sixteen photo session. If you would like more information about the 2017 Teen Squad, contact me at the link below with your teen's name and I"ll be sure you are the first in the know.