What to Wear for Guys

  • How many outfits do I bring? With the Starring You session, you should bringing about 5 outfits. But don't stop there. Bring extra. This gives us a chance to mix & match, switch up accessories and really show your style. Bring a range of styles. Casual, dressy and something in between, like an outfit you would wear on a date.
  • Dress in layers. We say that a lot here in San Diego. It's really important to have layers and texture in your photos. Layers and texture add interest.
    • By simply adding a neutral color t-shirt under a button down, you've added a layer.  You can also roll up your sleeves.
    • Put on a  jacket or simply carry it. Include a plaid flannel tied around your waist. You can also wear that flannel open with your t-shirt.
      • A note about t-shirts. Be sure they are solid with no wording. You don't want to read "Vans" every time your look at your photos.
  • Proper fit. Lots of guys like to wear a button-down that is untucked. Be sure to choose a slim-fit shirt, even if you are a bigger guy. Boxy shirts make you appear to be wider than you are in places that you don't want to add width. 
  • Wear a watch. It is an easy way to add layers. Time pieces are classic and stylish. If you're a guy that likes jewelry, go for it. Bracelets, earrings, necklace. Whatever you call your style
  • Bring multiple pairs of shoes. You should have a different pair of shoes for each outfit. 
    • I do not recommend wearing flip flops with your casual outfits unless we are at the beach. Then choose a pair that is fairly new without scuffs on the toes.
  • Matching socks are a must. If you are wearing slacks, be sure to match your socks to your pants. Black with black. Brown with brown. Unless you are wearing fancy dress socks with a crazy pattern because your just that kinda guy.
  • Bring a belt. Belts are the  #1 forgotten item at a guy's senior photo session. Bring it. You'll need it.
  • Try on your outfits. It's frustrating to get to your photo session, only to find out that your new favorite shirt doesn't fit the way you remember. Or that t-shirt got a little shorter and tighter in the wash. Trying everything on before your session also let's you see how well your pieces go together and that your layers look great too.
  • Be yourself. Your senior photos reflect who you are, not just what you look like. So when dressing for your senior photo session, be yourself.
  • Be comfortable. Being comfortable with your wardrobe choices will help you feel more relaxed and confident in front of the camera on your big day,


Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.
— Dr. Seuss